Can you see it? That picturesque vision of you with your family and maybe even your extended family all gathered around your living room celebrating the Holidays in just a couple of weeks! Music softly playing in the background. Children quietly getting along. All your family members getting along?

Ok ok… let’s see here. Family is in town! You’re trying to keep the peace while making sure everyone is happy…a child is crying…you’re mopping up a spill…the kids are running in and out the backdoor but at least they seem to be keeping themselves occupied…the guys are busy watching the football game and you are working on that feast in the kitchen! The last thing on your mind is your hardwood floors because you have already done what needed to be done to make sure they are well-cared for and protected! Look at you go!

Want a couple of pointers before you find yourself in the midst of the soon-approaching Holiday Season? Let us help!

1. Put down a welcome mat

Stopping “dirt at the door” is one of the best ways to avoid dirt build-up in your home. When build-up occurs, it can dull the finish that is on top of the floor. Changes to the finish can then cause further damage and leave your beautiful floors at risk for more damage. We recommend a mat at every door that is an entrance to your home.

2. Put felt pads on everything

It is important to have a barrier between the feet of your table and chairs and your hardwood floor. This will prevent scratches and scuff marks whenever the table or the chairs are moved around. Felt pads are a quick and easy way to protect your floors.

3. Don’t wait until it’s dirty

Clean up before the build-up! Keeping your floors clean to start is the best way to stop dirt in its tracks! Vacuuming and cleaning regularly will help keep the floors looking new and prevent damage. We also recommend promptly wiping up spills to help prevent stains and to avoid warping of the floorboards. Stay away from wax-based cleaners because they can cause finish problems and dull your floors. We also recommend staying away from ammonia, vinegar, polish, or oil soaps because they can cause the same damage as wax.

4. Invest in rugs and runners

Every home has those high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways, sometimes even kitchens.  These areas of your home can see more wear and tear than most. Picking the right rug for each room is important.  At the entryway or in the kitchen you may want something with some extra padding to not only absorb any moisture from wet shoes but also to provide comfort in places you may be standing for longer periods of time.  For your home office, make sure it is a flat, low pile rug so that rolling chair you have won’t get stuck. Whatever choices you make, always make sure to place a barrier between your rug and the floor.  Rubber pads are the best selection and can be found at all your local home good stores.

5. Why brand name cleaners are best

When cleaning your floor, we recommend using a brand name hardwood cleaner, preferably one that is made by a hardwood flooring manufacturer. Using this type of floor cleaner ensures that the manufacturer has done their research and knows what solution is best for hardwood floors as well as your finish, if you should ever want or need to recoat your floors.   When using your cleaner keep in mind that less is more.  Spray just enough cleaner on the pad that will allow dust and dirt to adhere to the mop. We recommend the Impressions Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit.  Find out more about it here.

There you go! Now you have 5 simple and easy steps to make sure your hardwood floors stay clean and look the same as the first day you put them in. If you can tackle your hardwood floors now, you can most assuredly tackle the next Holiday dinner party! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us today!