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Janka Scale Hardwood Flooring

Janka Hardness Scale

August 26, 2015 As you are shopping for hardwood floors for your home, something you will probably come across is the phrase “Janka Hardness Rating”. Each species of hardwood is assigned a Janka hardness number and this number can tell you some important information about the floors you are considering. So what is a Janka rating and how should it influence your decision about hardwood flooring? In 1906, an Austrian wood researcher, Gabriel Janka invented a test (adapted from the Brinell hardness

Impressions Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Flooring Pre-Installation Considerations

July 30, 2015 There are many things to consider when installing hardwood flooring. We have outlined the top 4 things you should think about before making your decision. Choose the appropriate type of hardwood flooring Not all flooring types are right for all situations. A simple rule of thumb is… do not install solid hardwood below grade (ground level). Engineered hardwood is best suited for installation below grade. Also, the wider the board, the more movement the floor may have. Wide planks look

Esteem Mocha

Industrial Dining Room

If you love the look of an industrial dining room but still would like to keep some warmth to your home, we have the perfect inspiration board for you. Start with a foundation of Impressions Flooring Esteem Mocha floors. They are engineered hickory planks with a beautiful deep color and have been handscraped to bring character to any room, no matter what the style. Then add metal elements such as a marquee sign, brushed nickel lighting, and even some industrial

Impressions Hardwood Flooring

8 Things You Should Know About Engineered Hardwood

There is no denying, engineered hardwood is quickly becoming a very popular choice for homeowners looking for quality hardwood flooring. There are so many great benefits to engineered hardwood, and a few big differences between engineered and solid that we think you need to be aware of, so we have compiled this list of the top 8 things you should know about engineered hardwood. 1. It’s not laminate! ….or vinyl plank , or ”fake wood” of any type. Engineered hardwood has a

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Bright Beach House Living Room

Looking to change up the look of your beach house? Or maybe you don’t live seaside, but love the laid-back beach look? If so, this room is perfect for you! This look combines pops of bright colors with a light and breezy style for a beautiful beach themed living room. Start with warm, character-rich, oak hardwood, bring in large white furniture pieces, and finish the room with accents of bright colors! Oak is the most common species of hardwood flooring and has been used in homes

Impressions Hardwood Floors

Eclectic Travel Themed Room

This inspiration room is perfect for homeowners that love eclectic, unique and exotic styles! Start with a foundation of beautiful Impressions Newport Tigerwood solid hardwood flooring, then add in a bright colored cabinet to display the memorabilia from your travels. Accessorize with framed maps, globes, and vintage pieces like an old camera or bookends. Be sure to take every chance to mix new and old items and display pieces that are both inspiring and meaningful to you! Tigerwood is an exotic wood species that has

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Acclimating Hardwood Floors: How and Why?

June 1, 2015 Installing hardwood floors is one of the most exciting things that can happen in your home. More than likely you have spent hours doing research, asking questions, looking at samples, talking to your retailer or contractor, and finally, you have decided on the perfect floors for your home. After all that work, we’re sure you are more than ready to get your floors installed and enjoy them! But before you do, there is one very important thing you

Impressions Hardwood Floors

Whimsical and Bright Playroom

We’ve got all the ingredients you need for a whimsical, bright, and imaginative kid’s playroom! Start with a foundation of Impressions Berkshire Red Oak floors, add a fabric teepee, a display for your little artist’s masterpieces, some fun throw pillows, a few other things, and you are on your way to creating an exciting and inspiring space that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family! Red Oak hardwood flooring has light, warm tones, with tight and fluid grain patterns, that add natural

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Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of the year! The days are longer, the sun is making more of an appearance, and it’s the perfect time to take care of a few chores that might have gotten neglected in the past year. Here are a few spring cleaning ideas you can do to make sure your hardwood floors are staying in top shape! Clean baseboards (use a soft broom or old toothbrush to gently remove dust and debris from crevices) Replace your front and back door

Impressions Hardwood Floors

Black and White Kid’s Playroom

We’ve pulled together some great ideas to make a fun, bold, black and white kid’s playroom! Start with a foundation of Impressions Blue Ridge Maple Natural floors, add a great graphic rug, some playful art, a few others items, and you are on your way to creating an exciting and inspiring space that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family! Maple hardwood has light coloring, a smooth appearance, and a subtle grain pattern that make it ideal for creating a clean, modern