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What is Your Solid Hardwood Flooring Style?

Are you traditional & timeless or rustic & unique? Traditional | Sophisticated | Timeless Nantucket Series Clean, uniform appearance Very few small knots & color variations Micro-bevel/square edge SERIES OPTIONS: Golden | Graphite | Gunstock | Red Oak | White Oak Rustic | Warm & Inviting | Unique Piedmont Series More natural looking Magnificent character with

Solid Wood | Engineered Wood | Waterproof Flooring

Getting To Know: Solid Wood vs Engineered Wood vs Waterproof Flooring   The first thing you’ll need to know about flooring is that it can be made from many different materials. With Impressions Flooring and our Summit Collection, we have three great options: solid hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, or waterproof rigid-core flooring. SOLID HARDWOOD is what most people think of when they imagine a hardwood floor. The flooring is simply a piece of wood, cut into a plank, and finished as a floor.

The Differences Between Red Oak & White Oak

Not all oak species are the same. 1. COLOR Red Oak is lighter and pink or reddish. White Oak is darker and more yellow. 2. GRAIN Red Oak has short, closer markings. White Oak has longer, wider markings. 3. GROWTH RINGS Red Oak rings are more spaced out. White Oak rings are tighter together. 4. PORES | small holes, in between rings Red Oak has lots of large pores. White Oak has a few small pores. Why It Matters It is very common for