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/Hardwood Species

There are hundreds of varieties of hardwood that grow in forests all over the world. We have selected the highest quality and most popular species to include in the Impressions Hardwood Collection. Each species has unique markings, with variations in hardness, color, grain pattern, and texture. Below is a short description of each species we feature. You can also scroll to the bottom of this page for a helpful table to compare the species side-by-side.

White Oak and Red Oak

Oak is the most common species of hardwood flooring and has been used in homes and buildings for centuries. It is the first species that comes to mind when thinking about hardwood flooring options.

Oak hardwood flooring has light, warm tones, with tight and fluid grain patterns, that add natural distinction to the wood without being too dramatic. It is also a “greener” use of natural resources and is readily available in the US.

There are two main Oak options for hardwood flooring – Red Oak and White Oak. Red Oak flooring has reddish pink tones and a slightly wider grain pattern, while White Oak is known for its stability, finer graining, and golden warm tones.

Impressions Hardwood Collection proudly offers many Red Oak prefinished products ranging from natural (not stained) to light, medium, and dark stained color options.

Pictured: Nantucket – White Oak Natural


Maple hardwood flooring is a lovely addition to any room. Its attractive light coloring, smooth appearance, and subtle grain pattern, make it ideal for creating a clean, modern look in any home. It is extremely durable, being one of the hardest domestic flooring options available. Maple is affordable, easy to maintain, and will last for generations.

Pictured: Newport – Maple Natural


Relatively new to the flooring scene, Hickory is quickly growing in popularity. Hickory is becoming a highly sought after flooring product because of its exceptionally beautiful color variations, attractive knots, and distinct grain patterns. Hickory is ideal for creating a welcoming and rustic look in any home. Not only is it full of character, it is highly durable and can stand up to the even the most active households.

Many Hickory products are also handscraped, a process that creates subtle texture for a one-of-a-kind, custom, handcrafted appearance.

Pictured: Newport – Hickory

Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry (also called Jatoba) is an exotic flooring product with a beautiful rich color and grain. Color can range from light orange to darker red, with streaks of gray and brown. Brazilian Cherry is sensitive to natural light, and with enough exposure, it will begin to darken over time.

Brazilian Cherry ranks very high on the Janka scale for Hardness; coming in at 119% harder than Northern Red Oak, which is preferable to many home owners because the harder the wood species, the less susceptible it is to denting and the longer wear life it should have.

Pictured: Newport – Brazilian Cherry


Tigerwood is an exotic wood species that has beautiful reddish orange tones with a striking grain pattern. Named for its striped grain pattern that sometimes resembles tiger stripes, this eye-catching product is extremely unique. Tigerwood is popular among homeowners for its strength, durability, and style that instantly gives rooms an exotic and polished look.

Pictured: Newport – Tigerwood


Compare Species

Species Janka Hardness Natural Color Variation* Grain Pattern What Makes It Unique? What Impressions Series Can I Find It In? 
White Oak 1360 Moderate Variation; Golden Browns with Gray Undertones Tight and Fluid Traditional Choice, Harder than Red Oak HamptonCape CodPiedmont, Elegance, and Classic
Red Oak 1290 Moderate Variation; Light Creamy Red to Shades of Brown Tight and Fluid Most Traditional Choice Hampton, Cape CodPiedmont,  and Blue Ridge
Maple 1450 Differences from Board to Board; Creamy White to Tan Clean and Subtle Clean and Modern Newport and Blue Ridge
Hickory 1820 Lots of Variation; Creamy White to Medium Brown Distinct Color Variations, Knots, and Distinct Grain Patterns TraditionEsteem andNewport
Brazilian Cherry 2350 Lots of Variation; Light Orange to Darker Red, with Streaks of Gray and Brown Distinct Extremely Hard and Durable Newport and Blue Ridge
Tigerwood 1850 Lots of Variation; Red, Yellow and Orange Tones with Streaks of Light and Dark Brown Distinct Unique and Interesting Grain Pattern Newport

*In its natural state, all wood flooring has a degree of natural variation. Some stain colors reduce the amount of variation you will see.