It’s that time of the year! The days are longer, the sun is making more of an appearance, and it’s the perfect time to take care of a few chores that might have gotten neglected in the past year. Here are a few spring cleaning ideas you can do to make sure your hardwood floors are staying in top shape!

  1. Clean baseboards (use a soft broom or old toothbrush to gently remove dust and debris from crevices)
  2. Replace your front and back door mats each year to make sure they are up to the job of removing any unwanted dirt and mud from your shoes.
  3. Make sure you remove all rugs and clean under them – dirt can get under rugs and can cause scratches over time.
  4. Check all feet (chairs, tables, sofas) and make sure no pads have been worn down or lost. Replace immediately if this is the case.

Give your hardwood floors a good cleaning with a name brand hardwood floor cleaner. Be sure to use one that is made by a hardwood floor manufacturer, that way you know they have done their research on what chemicals won’t hurt your floors. Now is also a great time to purchase any refills you may need, or purchase a cleaning kit for the first time if you haven’t done so. We recommend the Impressions Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit.

(kitten not included 😉 )

For more information about “Do’s and Don’ts for Maintaining Hardwood Floors” click on the icon below for a printable flyer!
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