Summit Stair Caps

Until recently, the only good options for stair treads were carpet and hardwood. That all changed with a break-though in technology that allows our summit options to be converted into stair tread covers. Introducing the Summit staircap.

Previous stair tread options left something to be desired. Installers have always done their best, but the truth is they were always trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

With our new staircap offering, you can perfectly match your stair treads to any Summit floor. That’s because Summit staircaps are made from the exact same material as Summit flooring. The staircap is designed to fit over common stair treads. Once the treads are installed, simply glue the staircap into place.

Find a Summit Dealer Near You!

Any Summit retailer can order StairCaps to match Summit flooring. You can find a Summit retailer by clicking here and choosing a floor you like in the Ambridge, Breckenridge, or Stockbridge Series.