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The Impressions Hardwood Collection is a brand that is dedicated to providing the highest quality products in the styles that appeal to today’s most selective homeowners. With 500+ current displaying dealers, and over 3 million square feet sold in the past year we are always looking for new ways to grow our team. We are focused on supplying our dealers with what they need, from competitive pricing to marketing material, so that they can have the most success and impact within their local markets.

Satisfaction in Every Step

Why offer Impressions to your customers?

Complete Stock: We backup our commitment by stocking 100% of the SKUs in the collection based on manufacturer availability (most of our competitors simply will not do that). This means that your customers will be able to get their floors with minimal turnaround time.

Online Competition: We control all the products in this collection. We also never go around our retailers to sell directly to a customer. So you can be confident that you’ll never have to compete with lower online prices for the Impressions Hardwood Collection.

Online Presence: We invest a lot to maintain a strong online presence and it shows! Currently, we see over 8000 unique visitors to our website per month. Our experts answer around 60 questions a month through our online forms and send out an average of around 4 sample request packages per day.

Uniqueness: We do not put our stock into the showroom of anyone who asks. By controlling market saturation, we ensure that our retailers can stand out by being able to offer a unique product. Don’t be a me-too dealer!

Delivery: Are you interested in being able to offer job-site delivery, but don’t have a truck? We’ve got a fleet of them! We’re happy to offer first floor delivery, courtesy of our professional, knowledgable (and incredibly strong) drivers.

Distributed by Horizon Forest Products

Large or Small

Impressions Hardwood Collection is proudly distributed by Horizon Forest Products. With distribution centers throughout the southeast and Texas, HFP provides an excellent opportunity for our retailers to get just what they need.  With millions of square feet of warehouses and a fleet of trucks, no job is too big or small. Whether you need 6,000 square feet of our designer pre-finished hardwoods or a few stick of moulding to finish up a job, we can get you taken care of and on to the next job!

In It Together

As a displaying Impressions dealer, you will be eligible to take advantage of our co-op marketing program. Since we do not sell our product directly to the final consumer, we understand that our business is only as successful as your business. That is why we happily offer our retailers assistance in their marketing campaigns. If the Impressions Hardwood Collection is right for your business, make sure to ask us about how we can help to to advertise!

More Than Floors

The Impressions Hardwood Collection doesn’t stop at pre-finished hardwood flooring. We also offer a private label cleaning kit, matching wood vent covers, moulding, and color matching solutions that coordinate with each of our series. And where we leave off, our friends at Horizon pick up, giving us access to stair risers and treads, underlayment, nailers and staplers for installation, and anything else you might need to make your business a success!

Beyond Impressions

Outside of the sixteen series that make up the Impressions Hardwood Collection, we also offer two specialty lines:

Summit is a three series line of our waterproof rigid-core product. Summit is a unique combination of engineering advances that come together to create one of the most durable flooring products on the market. With minimal pattern repeat, Summit is the pinnacle product for anyone who is wanting a wood floor look in an area where a wood floor should not go.

Portsmouth This wide-plank, white oak floor provides a distinctively authentic visual that perfectly replicates the textures found in historic barn wood from the past. Available in impressive 7-1/2” wide planks that are up to 84” in length, Portsmouth is a floor that will make a statement in any space.


We Are Here

Support of our dealers is vital to us. There are some who prefer a business model of simply spreading their product as wide and far as they can. We wish them the very best, but that is not our approach. We want to be the very best and we expect that of our retailers, as well. Simply put: the level of support we provide cannot be maintained by simply adding numbers as quickly as we can. This is why we have chosen to grow diligently, rather than quickly. At the present time, we have allocated our resources to providing the best support possible for the following states: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Texas. While this footprint could very well expand in the future, it is critically important to us to expand responsibly and wisely. As such, we are not currently seeking dealers outside of these areas. If you are one of the fortunate few who own a brick-and-mortar business in one of these states, we’d love to have a conversation with you to see if we are the right fit for you!

You're Better Than ``Me-Too``

The variations in style, color, flooring type, width, and cut that come with the Impressions Hardwood Collection can realistically replace 80-90% of most retailers’ inventory. You can have stock to handle whatever your customers are looking for, without having to manage many different suppliers. This means no variation in delivery times, no need to balance multiple systems, no need to maintain and control inventories that have different rules. One rep, one phone call, and you’re done. Don’t try so hard to keep up with the guys down the street. Blast ahead of them with products that they simply don’t offer!

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