The Latest in Hard Floor Design Techniques: Wire-brushed wood

Hardwood floors have been the rage for quite some time. Home owners love the natural beauty of wood, and appreciate the various stains and textures available to match any look that they might be going for.  One of the more popular trends in hardwood flooring over the last few years is wire-brushed floors.   So, what is a wire-brushed hardwood floor?  To explain it simply, wire-brushing is a finishing technique where the wood planks are scraped with a hard-bristled wire brush- creating

The Amazing Janka Hardness Test

Most of the following story is true. There once was a man named Gabriel from Austria who pondered some of the great questions in life.  Perhaps the greatest among these questions was the simple, yet diabolically complex query “just how hard is wood?”  Gabriel worked tirelessly to find answers.  Eventually, he adapted a test from another great thinker of hard thoughts- a Swedish fellow named Brinell- to suit his purposes.  He would dub his work the “Janka Hardness Test,” since Janka


Unfinished, Prefinished and Six Side Seal

I am going to tell you a quick story.  I recently needed a new computer.  So, I went out to my local computer store and was so baffled by options I eventually broke down and just picked things that sounded cool.  I walked away, confused but excited, with a brand-new system complete with two running boards, synchronizing linkage, a single stage compressor and a top of the line, brand new firebox. Imagine my surprise when I got home and realized that

How to Clean and Maintain Your Floor

You’ve spent time, energy and money into picking out the perfect floor for your space and now you want to make sure you can protect it.  You want that new floor feeling to last as long as possible.  You want to know (not guess, KNOW) beyond any shadow of a doubt that you are doing the right thing to maintain and preserve your investment. So now you ask the question that has kept you awake at night, tossing and turning in

2019 Hardwood Flooring Trends

There are many flooring products to choose from, but there is nothing quite like hardwood for your home.  Versatile enough to compliment nearly any preference from rustic to contemporary, hardwood flooring evokes feelings of warmth and comfort while adding genuine value in any space.   So, what are the hardwood flooring trends in 2019? Colors The choice of color for a floor, perhaps more than ever, takes into account the entirety of the space where it will lay.  Increasingly, modern hardwood floors offer