What is Your Solid Hardwood Flooring Style?

Are you traditional & timeless or rustic & unique? Traditional | Sophisticated | Timeless Nantucket Series Clean, uniform appearance Very few small knots & color variations Micro-bevel/square edge SERIES OPTIONS: Golden | Graphite | Gunstock | Red Oak | White Oak Rustic | Warm & Inviting | Unique Piedmont Series More natural looking Magnificent character with

Solid Wood | Engineered Wood | Waterproof Flooring

Getting To Know: Solid Wood vs Engineered Wood vs Waterproof Flooring   The first thing you’ll need to know about flooring is that it can be made from many different materials. With Impressions Flooring and our Summit Collection, we have three great options: solid hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, or waterproof rigid-core flooring. SOLID HARDWOOD is what most people think of when they imagine a hardwood floor. The flooring is simply a piece of wood, cut into a plank, and finished as a floor.

The Differences Between Red Oak & White Oak

Not all oak species are the same. 1. COLOR Red Oak is lighter and pink or reddish. White Oak is darker and more yellow. 2. GRAIN Red Oak has short, closer markings. White Oak has longer, wider markings. 3. GROWTH RINGS Red Oak rings are more spaced out. White Oak rings are tighter together. 4. PORES | small holes, in between rings Red Oak has lots of large pores. White Oak has a few small pores. Why It Matters It is very common for

The Value is Worth the Price

It’s not an increase in price. It’s an increase in value. You’re standing in the store, trying to decide between two doggy beds for your cute little pup-pup. One a has good price, the other has memory foam and an air conditioner. You’re standing in a car lot, trying to decide between two cars for yourself. One has a good price, the other has cruise control and a luxury interior. You’re fancy, so both are BMWs. It’s much more likely that you’ll buy the

Get The Look – Thanksgiving Table

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s some inspiration for pulling together a refined but rustic Thanksgiving table, perfect for gathering with friends & family! Set the foundation for this look with beautiful floors! This room features Esteem in Mocha, an engineered Hickory flooring. With a hand-scraped texture and beveled edges, this flooring feels timeless but still full of character. For the rest of this look, choose primitive inspired pieces with refined details and clean lines. Natural

The Amazing Janka Hardness Test

Most of the following story is true. There once was a man named Gabriel from Austria who pondered some of the great questions in life.  Perhaps the greatest among these questions was the simple, yet diabolically complex query “just how hard is wood?”  Gabriel worked tirelessly to find answers.  Eventually, he adapted a test from another great thinker of hard thoughts- a Swedish fellow named Brinell- to suit his purposes.  He would dub his work the “Janka Hardness Test,” since Janka

Seasonal Expansion and Shrinkage in Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood flooring, you’ve probably noticed that cracks seem to appear in the winter, and then disappear or fade away in the summer. This is not a sign of a problem with your flooring though, as this shrinkage and expansion is quite normal. In fact, wooden flooring that has been properly prepared and installed will indeed show seasonal cracks between the floorboards. The size and the severity of the gap, however, will depend on several factors. Homeowners should not


The Floor You Want

Goldilocks was on to something.  There is just right… and then there is everything else. At the end of the day, you want all your projects to wind up in your own personal “Goldilocks Zone” (yes, I am re-appropriating that phrase from astrophysics) where everything has come out just as you wanted.  You’ve done all the research and legwork. You’ve invested time, energy and money.  Now you want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor with that deeply

Powderpost Beetles? The Importance to Guard Against it

“If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos.” Source: E. O. Wilson If you’ve never heard of powderpost beetles, you are not alone. Moreover, you probably have no idea the amount of chaos these little buggers can cause. Second only to termites in terms of ability to damage wood, these tiny, destructive pests can do a

The Latest in Hard Floor Design Techniques: Wire-brushed wood

Hardwood floors have been the rage for quite some time. Homeowners love the natural beauty of wood, and appreciate the various stains and textures available to compliment any interior style.  One of the more popular trends in hardwood flooring over the last few years is wire-brushed floors.   So, what is a wire-brushed hardwood floor?  To explain it simply, wire-brushing is a finishing technique where the wood planks are scraped with a hard-bristled wire brush- creating a distressed surface.   If you thought the