It’s not an increase in price.
It’s an increase in value.

You’re standing in the store, trying to decide between two doggy beds for your cute little pup-pup. One has a good price, the other has memory foam and an air conditioner. You’re standing in a car lot, trying to decide between two cars for yourself. One has a good price, the other has cruise control and a luxury interior.

You’re fancy, so both are BMWs.

It’s much more likely that you’ll buy the nicer car than the tricked out doggy bed. Why? The answer is simple: your car is a major part of your daily life, while the doggy bed will likely be chewed to shreds by that lovable little rascal in the next few days. In short, the car adds value to your life and so it is worth the extra investment. A floor is no different. It will be a daily part of our lives, every day, for years to come. It will be the background for countless Facebook memories. It will be the first impression of every person who ever walks into our homes.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett

If we simply allow our customers to buy the least expensive option because it is cheaper, then we are mishandling the knowledge that we have spent years amassing. Some floors are simply better than others. Sure, the investment may be a little higher on the front end. We can help them see past that. Think back to our car buying example. An extra thousand dollars keeps you from having to take road trips with no cruise control or air conditioning. It is an increase in value, not an increase in price.

Let me introduce you to a product that is worth the extra investment and will help you stay relevant with the latest trends!

The Lexington Series by Impressions is one of the top products on the market. It’s a 3/4″ engineered hardwood, live sawn from French White Oak. The strength and appeal of this floor is undeniable.

While Lexington is available as a traditional plank option, it is also available in pattern. It can be installed in 8 different pattern options.

Pictured: Lexington Temple | Pattern: Marie Antoinette

Available in four of today’s most popular colors!

Lexington Everette

Lexington Flynn

Lexington Holden

Lexington Temple

Want to see this floor in action? We have videos that showcase all four colors!