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Random Width Flooring

So you have decided that it’s time to purchase hardwood flooring. When you begin your search for that perfect floor that will help you achieve the desired look you’re after, your first thought is probably not what width of boards you are going to select but rather what color you are going to choose. Color is definitely a key choice when it comes to creating the specific look you desire, but be careful not to underestimate the difference that

Serenity Series

Rustic Refined Dining Room

Strike a balance between cozy and sleek with this look of a rustic refined dining room. This room is perfect for the homeowner that is drawn to neutrals, texture, and insists on a dining room that is comfortable and inviting. To get this look, the perfect place to start is with distressed random width hardwood flooring like the Impressions Serenity Series. Distressed hardwood creates the authentic appearance of historic wood floors that were cut and installed before modern woodworking techniques existed. Next