So you have decided that it’s time to purchase hardwood flooring. When you begin your search for that perfect floor that will help you achieve the desired look you’re after, your first thought is probably not what width of boards you are going to select but rather what color you are going to choose. Color is definitely a key choice when it comes to creating the specific look you desire, but be careful not to underestimate the difference that the width of the boards can make in regards to the aesthetic of the project.
As you begin to shop for hardwood flooring, you will notice that flooring retailers are flooded with the traditional 2-1/4” – 3-1/4” flooring options. The 2-1/4” and 3-1/4” floors have long been the standard width for hardwood flooring and they are indeed beautiful floors. In recent years, 5” boards have grown in popularity and 5” width has become the standard for wide plank flooring. However, today the trend seems to be moving in a new direction; that is, in the direction of random width boards.
It seems that the flooring industry has answered the call of today’s discerning homeowner who wants to move beyond the standard widths that have dominated the market. There are flooring options available now in random widths. By random width, I mean exactly that; boards that are not all the same width. Random width flooring works well with any décor – traditional, modern, coastal, country, or rustic.
The Hartwell and Serenity Series in the Impressions Flooring Collection are two flooring options that incorporate random width boards into their look.
The Hartwell Series is a 3/4” thick lightly distressed solid Seringa floor that comes in 3- 1/4’’, 4”, and 4- 3/4” random widths.
The Serenity Series is 3/4” solid hand scraped Seringa that comes in 3- 1/4’’, 4”, and 4- 3/4” random widths.