Jessica of Cote and Daubert Interiors for Impressions Flooring Collection
Spring is coming!  It is a time for renewal. With that comes an opportunity to freshen up and lighten your load. Here are some quick tips to freshen up your home. They will give you big impact but won’t break the bank.
1. Paint the walls a light bright color.
Paint will cover all the old imperfections. Choose a color that evokes happiness and light. I always tell my clients to pick a color they look good in. It is a sure way to know you will like the way it looks.
2. Slipcover your dark furniture
An inexpensive way to get the look of high-end linen slipcovers is to go buy large drop cloths from their local home improvement store. Wash them a few times and then just throw them over your furniture.
Voila, you have the look at a fraction of the cost.
3. Bring in some new patterns
Layer some throw pillows onto your slipcovered furniture.
It will bring in some color and help to create that comfortable, laid back look.
4. Baskets galore
I love baskets in groups, large to small, or all the same size.
I even love baskets to hold plants and trees.
Large chain stores carry a wide assortment and at reasonable prices. Helps to hide all your clutter while looking sharp.
5. Bring the outdoors in
A potted tree in a sunny corner will always lighten the mood.
Olive trees or lemon trees have a real clean look to them. If you want a more tropical look, invest in an indoor Palm tree.
And as always a great home refresher can be the investment of new hardwood floors.
Happy Decorating!