The Differences Between Red Oak & White Oak

Not all oak species are the same. 1. COLOR Red Oak is lighter and pink or reddish. White Oak is darker and more yellow. 2. GRAIN Red Oak has short, closer markings. White Oak has longer, wider markings. 3. GROWTH RINGS Red Oak rings are more spaced out. White Oak rings are tighter together. 4. PORES | small holes, in between rings Red Oak has lots of large pores. White Oak has a few small pores. Why It Matters It is very common for

The Value is Worth the Price

It’s not an increase in price. It’s an increase in value. You’re standing in the store, trying to decide between two doggy beds for your cute little pup-pup. One a has good price, the other has memory foam and an air conditioner. You’re standing in a car lot, trying to decide between two cars for yourself. One has a good price, the other has cruise control and a luxury interior. You’re fancy, so both are BMWs. It’s much more likely that you’ll buy the