Impressions Hardwood Collection

Pictured: Serenity – Honey

The technique of hand scraping hardwood flooring was originally used in the 1600s to even out the difference between planks, but it is a style that is making a big comeback and has quickly grown in popularity over the past decade. Homeowners love the old world character and rustic warmth it brings to their home.

Also known as hand sculptured wood flooring, it is designed to give the floor an original made-by-hand look while still being able to have the modern luxuries of a high quality finish.

The style gets its name from the technique of using a knife to scrape a plank into smoothness. The woodworker pulls the “draw knife”, a single blade with a handle at either end, toward himself to remove shavings to make an even surface. This process leaves scrape marks and slight ridges that give the floor texture and unique character. Through this process, craftsmen become artisans, not just functionally evening out boards but deliberately sculpting the wood to give the floor distinction.

Impressions Classic Stout is manually hand scraped.

Pictured: Classic – Stout

Because of its current popularity, strides have been made in the industry to also create this look on prefinished flooring products. Now you can find a wide variety of options that have the custom made-by-hand look without the custom price. Within the Impressions Hardwood Collection you can find several solid and engineered prefinished products of varying widths, species, and colors with beautiful hand scraped treatment. All of our hand scraped products are manually hand scraped. None are scraped by machine!

Hand scraped hardwood is perfect for active families as it hides normal wear and tear and it is a top choice for those looking to add rustic sophistication to their home.

Impressions series that feature hand scraped products include our Tradition and Serenity Series.