There is a myriad of choices out there for your next floor.  Choosing the right option for your space can be a daunting task under the best of circumstances.  It is with this in mind that I offer you exactly what the title of this post promises.  Here are three reasons why you should opt for rustic wide plank flooring.

1) Classic, Versatile Style

In the world of design, there are fads and there are classics.  Most of us have had that haircut, or that shirt, which was all the rage for about 10 minutes only to transform into years of cringe-worthy regret each time someone goes sorting through old photographs.  You know exactly which ones I am talking about and no, you may not see mine.  I’ve burned them.

Then there are the classics.  Classics stand the test of time.  Classics compliment almost any style.

Rustic wide plank flooring is a classic look.  Rustic flooring boasts the wood’s natural color and character, giving any space not only a unique look but a physical connection to the past.  This distinctive look is magnified in wider planks where the grain pattern and color variation are allowed more room to flow unbroken.

This classic aesthetic allows the floor to complement nearly any style from vintage to contemporary, rural to metropolitan.  With the natural beauty of the wood as either a base or an accent point, the rustic wide plank flooring is as adaptable to your design style as it is beautiful.

2) Low Maintenance

You have enough to worry about on a daily basis.  From careers to family to folding laundry and “quick” trips to the grocery store, there are few enough hours in the day as it is.  For most, the thought of adding an additional thing to constantly keep up with is enough to cause a potentially fatal eye-roll.

To this point, I present you with the option of rustic wide plank flooring.  The rustic look commonly features lower gloss finishes and features such as hand-scraping and distressing.  These elements allow for less frequent cleaning due to their ability to show less dirt and build-up than many other floors.  Moreover, the basic scratches and dents that any floor will accumulate over its life tend to blend into the rustic aesthetic and look like they belong there.

This hearty flooring option will take the bangs and bumps of everyday life while maintaining its beauty and charm for years to come.  Rustic wide plank hardwood flooring is an incredible option for creating a beautiful space to enjoy life rather than worrying over its little accidents.

3) Space Enhancement

What is better than making a decision that enhances your life?  Those moments where you can proudly look back on and say, “I am very happy I made that choice.”  Maybe it’s buying a home, marrying a spouse, or finally getting rid of that haircut we talked about earlier.

Adding a wide plank rustic hardwood floor can be one of those decisions.  On top of the amazing aesthetics and relative ease of maintenance, there are many other benefits sure to delight you for the life of your floor.

Rustic wide plank floors not only add warmth but can increase the resale value of your home.  They can make a room feel more open and are versatile enough to compliment your space as your tastes and décor change.  These floors can improve the acoustics in your space.  They can even boost the air quality in your home by eliminating spaces where dust and allergens would be trapped in carpets and other flooring options.

Rustic wide plank hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for nearly any space.  To see more, take a look at our selection of rustic wide plank flooring featuring the Denali, Elegance, Cooper’s Plank, and Timarron series.

You can also request 3 free samples of any of our flooring products, find local retailers, or contact our team of flooring experts to answer your lingering questions.